Why You Need To Get Your Butt To Yin


Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a long time or are brand new to the world of yoga, Yin is probably one of the BEST types of yoga you can practice. Why? Read on!

Yin Helps To Increase Flexibility

Not only will Yin help you to stretch your muscles, but because we usually practice yin when the body is not warm (as in after exercise or a yang/vinyasa style class), the connective tissue in the body and the fascia (a big sheet of connective tissue that runs over the entirety of your body) also gets stretched. This increases the circulation of blood and all the nutrients that the blood carries and allows your joints to get essential resources. This also means that in the long run you will have more able and healthier joints, happy days!

Yin Destresses You

Because Yin postures are held for a long period of time and usually involve being in a state of rest, your body is able to move into the rest and restore or parasympathetic nervous system. Which stimulates your endocrine system to release feel good hormones and the amount of cortisol (the hormone that leads to stress when we have too much of it) will be reduced, making you feel all zen and fuzzy, and maybe even sleepy!

Yin Encourages Stillness

Stillness is often something we find hard. And whilst yoga can be categorised as twisting and contorting your body, the real true advanced yoga is about being okay with yourself, being okay in stillness and even connecting into yourself. All of which are achieved when we hold Yin postures.

It Cultivates Your Yin Energy

In the world that we live in now, even in the amazing island of Bali, we tend to live in a state of yang. With technology and the increasing population of the world, we are constantly surrounded by stimulation, which is in essence ‘yang’ energy. So when we practice yin, we are able to move away from technology, away from stimulation and allow ourselves to rest and be with ourselves and our bodies.

Just us on the mat for some Breeze Yin!

We have three amazing opportunities for you to come and practice Yin with us! Join us every Wednesday and Friday at 5.30pm or Sunday at 4pm!