Why do just one style of fitness when you can have two? Or even better, do a little of both at once?

At Odyssey, not only can you now experience mind-blowing fitness and sweet, soul-full yoga at the same studio, but you can also have a blast blending the two together!

Here's a little more on our mindful movement inspired classes (with more to come):

Odyssey Shipwreck

Fitness + Yoga - The Odyssey MVMT way.
You asked for it, so here it is - be ready for a mind-blowing, body-blitzing workout with a twist! 30 minutes of full-on movement (Rock the Boat), and 30 minutes of serious Power Vinyasa (Whirlpool). The payoff is the dreamiest Savasana (hence the name shipwreck!) and a little breath-work that will bring you back to life. 
*Seaweed included*

Odyssey Signature:

Fitness + Yoga: The Odyssey MVMT Way
Our signature blend of Yang & Yin; Fun, Sweaty, High Intensity work balanced with Recovery Yoga Poses.

*Savasana Required (aka lie on floor at the end of your class and bliss out)*

Odyssey Warrior (coming soon)

Weighted Yoga - The Odyssey MVMT Way.
This class is your secret yoga weapon - use 1-2kg free weights and watch your inner strength grow, safely and mindfully. You'll move through a modified vinyasa flow and work deeply in warrior poses to build your awareness, followed by sweet, deep poses to balance you out at the end of your class. You may be a little sore after this one, but you'll be amazed at your transformation and you'll notice a difference in your yoga practice immediately. A must for yogis looking to strengthen and for gym-buffs looking to lengthen!

*Muscles included*