Fitness. The Odyssey Movement Way.

We mean Fitness. Serious fitness, serious fun! Whether your a first-timer or an every-timer, we promise to challenge you and change you, in a positive and safe environment.  Each class is designed to optimise your health and fitness in a fun and sustainable way, so that you can continue to do the things you love out in the real world.

Get in to get out.

Odyssey Lift:

High Intensity Resistance Training - The Odyssey MVMT Way:
Push, Squat, Pull, Press, Swing, Clean using Sleds, KettleBells, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands & more. *Gains included*

Odyssey Momentum:

Powerful Resistance Training - The Odyssey MVMT Way:
Slam, Throw, Bound, Jump, Sprint and more using a combination of Resistance and Bodyweight movements. *Superhuman Powers included*

Odyssey Rush:

High Intensity Interval Training - The Odyssey MVMT Way:
Sprint, Jump, Press, Lunge, Row, Squat and more using Bodyweight movements - finishing the session in a sweaty, smiling mess. *Endorphins included*

Odyssey Signature:

Fitness + Yoga: The Odyssey MVMT Way
Our signature blend of Yang & Yin; Fun, Sweaty, High Intensity work balanced with Recovery Yoga Poses. *Savasana Required (aka lie on floor at the end of your class and bliss out)*

Odyssey Strike:

Combat Training - The Odyssey MVMT Way:
Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Kick, Knee, Elbow, Sprawl, Duck & Weave using coaching drills from Boxing, Muay Thai & BJJ (Maybe some Inspo from Rocky & Karate Kid too) *Confidence included*

Odyssey Tribe:

Team/Partner Based Training - The Odyssey MVMT Way.
Taking elements from the whole Odyssey Program: Your Team/Crew/Tribe will be working together to smash this workout together - bonus points for matching outfits + great attitudes! *High Fives included*