Odyssey Movement

  Go Both Ways.

Odyssey believes that your life is an adventure. Through mindful movement, we help you optimise your mobility, strength, cardio fitness and flexibility so that you can be your best self, in all your sweaty (and not so sweaty) pursuits.

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Odyssey’s facilitators believe in the miracle fusion of mind, breath and movement. We love yoga and functional movement and believe that 'going both ways' is a unique balance for each of our people.

Our biggest goal? Get you into the studio so you can get out and go big on your adventures.


We are not just a studio. We are a community of purpose-filled, passionate and fun people who look after ourselves, each other and the environment.


Odyssey MVMT provides a complete mind, body and spirit solution with a yoga and fitness focus that allows you to Go Both Ways. Work with our passionate and professional team to become the best version of yourself.

Yoga that Moves You: 

Flow with us mindfully in power and ocean based Surge and Soul Vinyasa and build your knowledge, alignment and practice in our Odyssey Essence classes.
Find space & go deep with Yin inspired Odyssey Breeze, and create inner strength using free weights in Odyssey Warrior.

More than 30 classes on offer per week.

Game-Changing Functional Fitness:

Boost your energy and fitness with high intensity classes, Odyssey Rush and Odyssey Signature. Improve muscular endurance with Odyssey Lift and box to your heart's content with Odyssey Strike. Build explosive power and core strength in Odyssey Momentum.

The best part? No start times, just show up!


We are a mindful movement community, dedicated to the practice of health, yoga, fitness and adventure.

We believe in the miracle fusion of mind, breath and movement.

We believe that moving mindfully changes our state of being, allowing us to crystallise our goals and live adventurous, meaningful and fun lives.

We know that not only can you Go Both Ways, but that to live a life of infinite possibility and sustainable adventure, you need to.

At Odyssey, this looks like multi-dimensional movement with a focus on strength, mobility, skill, stretching and stamina.

We believe in Fun. Purpose. Action. Adventure. Results.

We respect ourselves, our community and the environment.

We welcome everyone, from all walks of life and corners of the globe.

We know that when we come together, we are empowered to create real, lasting and meaningful change in the world.

We are the game changers, the goal crushers, the fun makers, the heart shakers, the creators and the motivators; and we want you to join us on this adventure of powerful, life-enhancing transformation.


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We hear you, getting to where you want to go in Bali can be a practice in patience! Give yourself a little extra time, and find us on the Shortcut Road between Jl. Batu Bolong and Jl. Berawa, on the corner by Pretty Poison. 

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