Yoga. The Odyssey Movement Way.

Our yoga classes are designed for all levels, all the time. All of our classes offer you modern mindfulness through breath and movement and each style has a unique Odyssey touch. 

How is Odyssey different to other yoga classes you've tried?

We love music with our movement, we don't mind if you come in a little late and there is 0 judgment on whether you can touch your toes or where you've rolled in from (be it the surf or Old Mans). We just wanna see your smile and feel good! 

Odyssey Surge

Power Vinyasa - The Odyssey MVMT Way: 
Move, flow, strengthen and stabilise in our strongest yoga class. You'll cultivate presence in the connection of your body, breath and brain. You'll explore new possibilities in all areas of your physical practice, including your shoulders, arms, legs and core. You’ll work hard for your Savasana and you’ll walk out floating on air.

*Transformation included*

Odyssey Soul

Heart-Centred Vinyasa Flow - The Odyssey MVMT Way: 
Stretch, flow and breathe fluidity into your practice with Odyssey Soul. You’ll move continuously with your breath and flow seamlessly through creative and light-hearted sequences that challenge you. Great for all levels. Sweat is optional but highly likely!

*Mermaid tails included*

Odyssey Essence

Align & Hatha yoga- The Odyssey MVMT Way:
This class is about getting real with form and precision - yoga at its essence. It's about how you move into, stay, and move out of poses. It's great if you are just getting started in your yoga journey, and it's even better if you are a little way along (slow down to speed up, anyone?!) Whichever box you fall into, we'll help you to climb out of it, with slow, soul-full movement and lots of breath. Great for all levels.

*Toe tickling included*

Odyssey Breeze

Yin Yoga - The Odyssey MVMT Way:

Yin is all about letting go - the opposite of what we normally do, in movement and in life! You'll stretch deeply into your nooks and crannies and hold poses for a little longer (usually between 3-5 minutes). Don't be fooled into thinking this is an easy class though! Great for all levels and especially great if you find slowing down a challenge or have a lot of adventures on a regular basis.

*Miracles included* 

Odyssey Horizon

Advanced Vinyasa - The Odyssey MVMT Way:
This class will challenge and change you. Explore advanced poses (including arm balances, backbends and inversions), extra creative sequences and different styles of breath and meditation. Great for those wanting to deepen their practice.

*Star-gazing and heightened consciousness included*